Get Set to Jet Set with a New GMT

The globe has 24 time zones. The earth rotates once every 24 hours. We set our clocks to the same time in each time zone. This allows for the sun to be overhead at noon.

Breitling Avenger GMT d

 You may have heard of Zulu time. It is also known as GMT or Greenwich Mean Time. When longitude and latitude came to be, GMT originated. Great Britain was the foremost maritime power. Greenwich Mean Time became the starting point for expressing longitude. Don’t forget about the international dateline. It is the point on the globe opposite the observatory. The prime meridian runs through southeast central London.

 This point calculates time in all the other time zones. When it is noon at the Observatory, it is eight hours earlier in San Francisco.

 Time zones are part of our daily life. We calculate time differences when we travel to other parts of the globe. Keeping track of time zones can be a challenge. We rely on charts to tell us New York and London are five hours apart.

Jet-Setters and Globe-Trotters Know

Watchmakers understand the need to know the time in Zurich when we are on a business trip to Rio or Beijing. Losing your luggage is one thing, losing track of the day or time can be painful.

The GMT watch saves the day for the international traveler. You know the time anywhere on the globe when you wear a GMT watch. It is an essential tool that keeps you on time and schedule. The GMT makes managing 24 time zones a breeze. Need to make a call to Moscow from Machu Picchu? Your GMT watch will tell you in an instant whether you will be waking up the house at 3:30 am before you place the call.

A GMT watch features a second hour hand. It rotates half as fast as the hour hand. This second hand rotates once every 24 hours. The hand that isn’t reading hours is also known as the GMT hand. It points to a time scale that reads to 24 instead of 12. In some instances, the GMT hours located on the bezel.

The GMT can be set to a different time zone and keeps track of time in two places at once using the same minute. You won’t miss your conference call in Abu Dhabi when you are in Jakarta.

This raises the question of which GMT to buy. Here are some great examples of what is available.

Tudor Black Bay GMT

 Tudor hits it out of the park with the Black Bay GMT. Classic styling with a classic GMT complication. Tudor borrows the Pepsi Bezel and pairs it with their snowflake GMT hand for a great look that works. A leather strap is available.

 Take a closer look at the Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark Limited Edition, ref. 79360DK. Only 1,182 pieces are available for this cool special edition. There is an all-black tribute to the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team.

 Breitling Avenger II GMT

 Breitling takes the GMT a step further. You can track three time zones. There is an extra set of 24-hour markings on the bidirectional rotating bezel. The Avenger II is a stainless steel case. It is water-resistant to 300M. Travelers on the go will appreciate the 42 hours of power reserve, especially on long flights.

 ORIS Big Crown Pro Pilot GMT Ref. 77476994063FS-Green

 Oris delivers. Everything you need and nothing you don’t in this great looking GMT. The Big Crown Pro Pilot comes to you in a brushed and polished steel case with a green fabric strap. Inside the case is the Oris Caliber 774 self-winding automatic movement. It is water-resistant to 100 meters and has a 48-hour power reserve. Strap this one on, and you are ready for anything. Plus, you’ll know the time in Seoul while exploring Madagascar.

 If you are looking for a dependable travel partner, consider a GMT. It is a reliable source of information and is the best companion for the globetrotter. GMTs come in a wide variety of styles and materials. There is something to suit every taste from the luxury buyer to the rugged outdoors adventurer. Get your GMT and get going!

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