What should a nursing mother consume?

Nursing mothers face all kinds of doubts related to the health of their baby. This happens more frequently in first-time mothers, but even experts have doubts. One of the main questions is about feeding breastfeeding mothers.

The right amount of calories: Because your body will require more energy to care for the baby and to replace the calories it consumes through your milk, it is ideal that you increase your consumption slightly. Approximately you will require an extra 500 calories a day although that will depend a lot on your activities and the diet that you are currently carrying.

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Consume foods that are really nutritious: Another thing that you should take into account the feeding of nursing mothers is to thoroughly review the foods that you will consume. When you are breastfeeding your baby, the milk should provide all the basic nutrients for a healthy body, especially vitamin B.

Each meal time (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) should provide Proteins, fruits, vegetables, seeds and natural fats, complex carbohydrates.

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The best examples of these foods are Salmon, lean chicken meat, liver and other organ meats, almonds, ajitomate, sunflower seeds, kale, sardines.

Make sure you consume vitamin D: Vitamin D can be easily obtained with sun exposure. However, if you are a nursing mother who is not too exposed to this, it is advisable to take a supplement. Every day take a walk at a time when the sun is not excessive but in which you receive the sun’s rays.


Stay hydrated:

Because milk is made primarily of water, you must make up for what your baby is drinking. In this sense, it is important that you make sure you consume at least one more liter of water per day. However, if your baby drinks a lot of milk you may need up to two extra liters.